12 Step Daoyin Health Preservation Exercises

As taught by the Chinese Health Qigong Association.

S1 P01 Commencing Form
S1 P02 Double Fish Hung on Wall
S1 P03 Old Horse is Stabled
S1 P04 Ji Chung shoots the Louse
S1 P05 Bending the Body to Brush the Shoes
S1 P06 Rhinoceros Gazes at the moon
S1 P07 Lotus Flower Appears above the water
S1 P08 Golden Rooster Heralds the Dawn
S1 P09 Wild Geese land on the Beach
S1 P10 White crane flies high in the clouds
S1 P11 Phoenix Salutes the People
S1 P12 Qi and Breath return to the Origin