The Chen 18 Form is a combination form consisting of movements from both old frame and new frame. It adds more movements to those learned in the Chen 11 Form and shows the student aspects of the new frame that they may consider to learn later.

Number English
S1 P01 Beginning Posture Of Taijiquan
S1 P02 Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar
S1 P03 Lazy About Tying Coat
S1 P04 Sealing Six Avenues Of Attack And Closing Four Sides
S1 P05 Single Whip
S1 P06 The White Crane Spreads It’s Wings
S1 P07 Diagonal Posture
S1 P08 Brush Knee
S1 P09 Stepping to Both Sides
S1 P10 Cover Hands and Strike with Fist
S1 P11 High Pat On the Horse
S1 P12 Kick With Left Heel
S1 P13 The Jade Girl Works At Shuttles
S1 P14 Wave Hand
S1 P15 Turn Body with Double Lotus Kick
S1 P16 The Cannon Fist Over Head
S1 P17 Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar
S1 P18 Closing Posture Of Taijiquan