Also known as Thirteen Broadsword this Chen Style Broadsword form has 23 postures which can be classified into 13 diffrent actions. These actions are: Rolling, Closing, Pricking, Blocking, Cutting, Hacking, Scooping, Cross Cutting, Twisting, Shaking, Supporting, Slicing and Tilting. It is classified as a short weapon but can be used as a long weapon. It balanced hardness with softness, quickness and slowness and utilises dodging, transfers, relaxation and nimbleness.

Number English
S1 P01 Standing Form
S1 P02 Heart Protecting Broadsword
S1 P03 Green Dragon Comes Out Of Water
S1 P04 The Wind Scattering The Broken Flowers
S1 P05 The White Cloud Right Over head
S1 P06 Black Tiger Searches The Mountains
S1 P07 Suqin Carries The Sword On His Back
S1 P08 Golden Cockrail Stands On One Leg
S1 P09 Roll And Close To Coming Force
S1 P10 Horizontally Cut The White Snakes Waist
S1 P11 Three Rings Surrounding The Sun
S1 P12 Dispel The Clouds And See The Sun
S1 P13 Beat Grass To Look For The Snake On The Left
S1 P14 Beat Grass To look For The Snake On The Right
S1 P15 Green Dragon Comes Out Of The Water
S1 P16 The Wind Scatters The Broken Flowers
S1 P17 The Wild Goose Inserts Golden Wings
S1 P18 Yecha Searches The Sea
S1 P19 Turn Over Body Leftward To Cut
S1 P20 Turn Over Body Rightward To Cut
S1 P21 White Snake Spits Out Its Tongue
S1 P22 Holding The Moon In The Arms
S1 P23 Finishing Form