Also known as Pear-Flower Spear and White Ape Staff the Chen Spear form has 72 postures which can be classified into 13 diffrent actions. These actions are: Open, Close, Burst, Split, Dot, Bind, Poke, Hold Up, Coil, Lead, Slip, Intercept and Stab. It is classified as a long weapon. The form not only contains postures from the application of the spear but those borrowed from the staff as both sharp and blunt ends of the spear are used.

Number English
S1 P01 Ye Cha (Night Ghost) ExploresThe Sea
S1 P02 Full Martial Flower
S1 P03 Mid-level Horizontal Thrust
S1 P04 Three Swift Thrusts
S1 P05 High-level Horizontal Thrust
S1 P06 Rolling Up The Beaded Curtain Backwards
S1 P07 Lower-level Horizontal Thrust
S1 P08 Downward Thrust
S1 P09 Black Dragon Presents Its Claws
S1 P10 Step Forward And Downward Thrust
S1 P11 Sweep The Floor To Thrust
S1 P12 Side Block
S1 P13 Two Hits Forward
S1 P14 Yellow Dragon Nods The Shaft
S1 P15 Horizontal Circle Swing
S1 P16 Half Marital Flower
S1 P17 Blocking Thrusts At Waist Level
S1 P18 Turn Around, Half Martial Flower
S1 P19 Pressing Snake To The Ground
S1 P20 Tilt The Spear
S1 P21 Downward Thrust
S1 P22 Two Covering Thrusts
S1 P23 Wave Banner And Sweep To Left
S1 P24 Spear Point To The Sky
S1 P25 Wave Banner And Sweep To Right
S1 P26 Iron Ox Plows Field
S1 P27 Turn Around, Half Martial Flower
S1 P28 Dripping Water Thrust
S1 P29 Two Covering Thrusts
S1 P30 Ride Dragon Thrust
S1 P31 Step Forward And Part Grass To Look For Snake
S1 P32 White Ape Steps Back And Looks For Spear
S1 P33 Black Dragon Turns Around And Enters Den
S1 P34 Take Back The Pipa
S1 P35 Two Hits Forward
S1 P36 Wave Banner And Sweep Ground
S1 P37 Mount Tai Crushes Egg
S1 P38 Turn Around, Half Martial Flower
S1 P39 Cat Springs On Mouse
S1 P40 Thrust From Left
S1 P41 Thrust From Right
S1 P42 Turn Around To Deliver Thrust
S1 P43 Heel Kick
S1 P44 Single Hand Thrust
S1 P45 Full Martial Flower
S1 P46 Er Lang Carries The Mountain
S1 P47 Turn Around, Half Martial Flower
S1 P48 Lower Side Thrust
S1 P49 Turn Around, Half Martial Flower
S1 P50 Falcon Diving On Quail
S1 P51 Left Sweeping Thrust
S1 P52 Heel Kick
S1 P53 Downward Thrust
S1 P54 Full Marital Flower
S1 P55 Er Lang Carries The Mountain
S1 P56 Half Martial Flower
S1 P57 Fair Lady Threads Needle
S1 P58 Jade Lady Works Shuttle
S1 P59 Assassin’s Thrust
S1 P60 Turn Around And Hit
S1 P61 Full Martial Flower
S1 P62 Protect The Knee
S1 P63 Two Covering Thrusts
S1 P64 Black Dragon sways its tail
S1 P65 Forward Hit
S1 P66 Forward Hit Again
S1 P67 Thrust To Left
S1 P68 Block To Right
S1 P69 Half Martial Flower
S1 P70 Old Man Fishing
S1 P71 Turn Around And Downward Thrust
S1 P72 Finish