Developed in 145 – 208, Five Animals (Wu Qin Xi) uses the imitation of animals within the Qi Gong practice. The 5 animals are; tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird. Imitation of the characteristics both spiritual in atitude and physical in movement of each of the animals produces mental  balance and physical ease, aiding in respiration, digestion, circulation and flexibility of the joints as well as spine health, leg strength, leveled emotions, clarity, fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. As taught by the Chinese Health Qigong Association.

S1 P01 Adjust the Breath
S2 P01 Raising the Tiger’s Paws
S2 P02 Seizing the Prey
S3 P01 Colliding the Antlers
S3 P02 Running like a Deer
S4 P01 Rotate Waist like a Bear
S4 P02 Swaying like a Bear
S5 P01 Raising Monkey Paws
S5 P02 Picking Fruit
S6 P01 Crane stretching Upwards
S6 P02 Flying like a Crane
S7 P01 Convey Qi to Dantian