Tai Chi Kungfu Fan form is dynamic and enjoyable. It incorporates a range of movements from traditional Chinese Kungfu, Tai Chi and various weapons forms as well as movements from non-martial sources such as Chinese opera.

Number English
S1 P01 Commencement
S1 P02 Diagonal Slant Flying
S1 P03 White Crane Spreads It's Wings
S1 P04 Bee Returns to the Hive
S1 P05 Night Demons Search the Sea
S1 P06 Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
S1 P07 Turn Body and Split Mountain
S1 P08 Cat Catches the Butterfly
S1 P09 Viewing Flowers on Horseback
S2 P10 Parting the Wild Horse's Mane
S2 P11 Swallow Flies High
S2 P12 Bee Returns to Hive
S2 P13 Tiger Pounces on Pray
S2 P14 Praying Mantis Catches Cicada
S2 P15 Lead Horse to Turn Head
S2 P16 Sparrow Hawk Spins in the Air
S2 P17 Viewing Flowers on Horseback
S3 P18 Pushing the Mountain
S3 P19 Dragon Turns His Head
S3 P20 Spurring on the Horse
S3 P21 Raising the Whip High
S3 P22 Embracing the Moon
S3 P23 Striking Against the Wind
S3 P24 Sweeping Sleeves in the Wind
S3 P25 The Great Raises the Flag
S3 P26 Holding the Fan in Front of the Chest
S4 P27 Parting the Wild Horse's Mane
S4 P28 Swallow Flies High
S4 P29 Bee Returns to the Hive
S4 P30 Tiger Pounces on Pray
S4 P31 Praying Mantis Catches Cicada
S4 P32 Lead Horse to Turn Head
S4 P33 Sparrow Hawk Spins in the Air
S4 P34 Viewing Flowers on Horseback
S5 P35 Elbow Strikes on Horseback
S5 P36 Firecracker Explodes
S5 P37 Parry Forward
S5 P38 Double Foot Stomp
S5 P39 Dragon fights the Tiger
S5 P40 Fair Lady Shuttle Push
S5 P41 Sky Goddess Releases the Flowers
S5 P42 The General Raises the Flag
S5 P43 Ba Gua Walking
S6 P44 Holding the Big Dipper
S6 P45 Grasp the Birds Tail
S6 P46 Roll Back, Press and Push
S6 P47 Shu Qin Carries Sword Behind Back
S6 P48 Brush Knee
S6 P49 Snake Creaps Down
S6 P50 Pull the Bow to Shoot the Tiger
S6 P51 White Crane Spreads Its Wings
S6 P52 Conclusion