Wild Goose is a Qigong form very popular amongst our participants. It is, as the name suggests, based on the movements and life style of the Goose. There are 3 sections to the form in total.  The movements for 64 movements of section one are shown below, along with a video of instructor Stephen Brown demonstrating this section.

S1 P01 Wuji Posture
S1 P02 Spread Wings
S1 P03 Close Wings And Hiss
S1 P04 Fold Wings
S1 P05 Snap
S1 P06 Fold Wings
S1 P07 Snap
S1 P08 Lift Arms
S1 P09 Clasp Hands Above Bai Hui
S1 P10 Palms To The Sky
S1 P11 Palms To The Earth
S1 P12 Twine Hands
S1 P13 Recover Air
S1 P14 Flap Wings & Pull Left Toe (*3)
S1 P15 Push Air
S1 P16 Scoop Up Air
S1 P17 Turn Body And Recover Air
S1 P18 Flap Wings & Pull Left Toe (*3)
S1 P19 Push Air
S1 P20 Scoop Up Air
S1 P21 Twine Hands
S1 P22 Wave Hands Like Clouds Right, Left, Right
S1 P23 Look To The Rear Twist The Waist
S1 P24 Drop Arm To Recover Air
S1 P25 Spread Single Wing Right Side
S1 P26 Step Forward & Extend Arm
S1 P27 Wind Hand Around Head
S1 P28 Press Down
S1 P29 Prop Up
S1 P30 Recover Air
S1 P31 Scoop The Moon
S1 P32 Turn Body
S1 P33 Step Forward & Look At Palm
S1 P34 Look Up To The Moon
S1 P35 Press Air (*3 )
S1 P36 Turn Body & Press Air (*3)
S1 P37 Swim Upward
S1 P38 Look Down At Water
S1 P39 Pat Water & Fly Away Left, Right, Left
S1 P40 Drink Water (*3)
S1 P41 Gaze At The Sky
S1 P42 Shake Elixir Field (Dan Tien) Recover Air, (*3)
S1 P43 Grasp Air (*10 )
S1 P44 Turn Palm & Gather Up Air (*10)
S1 P45 Fountain To Hold Ball
S1 P46 Rotate The Ball (*10 )
S1 P47 Turn Body & Rotate The Ball (*10)
S1 P48 Fountain (Hold Air)
S1 P49 Pass Through Air (*8)
S1 P50 Raise Arms Draw In Yang Qi
S1 P51 Drop Wings
S1 P52 Flap Wings To The Back
S1 P53 Fly Up Left & Fly Up Right (*7)
S1 P54 Turn Body
S1 P55 Fly Up To The Sky
S1 P56 Skim Over Water Left … Right, (*7)
S1 P57 Turn Body Laogong To Big Toe
S1 P58 Fly Upward
S1 P59 Look For Food
S1 P60 Turn Body
S1 P61 Look For The Nest
S1 P62 Turn Body And Swim
S1 P63 Sleep Peacefully
S1 P64 Close