The Yang 10 Form is great for beginners learning Tai Chi for the first time. It helps them to seperate and distinguish movements across the body in a balanced way, while one hand is moving up the other is moving down, while one is retreating the other is advancing. It also helps to understand the stances used and the weightings on each of the feet. Sometimes called the Yang 8 or Yang 10 most movements happen twice once to the left and then to the right.

Note: We have also added an extra movement into this form, which is the "S1 P09 Single Whip", as we currently don't teach the standard Yang 16 Form prefaring to teach the Yang Simplified 20 Form in its place we felt it was right to add this in at an earlier stage. If you are interested in the typical Yang 10 Form it is simple to remove this extra step when practicing with others that dont include it.

Number English
S1 P01 Commencing Form
S1 P02 Repulsing the Monkey
S1 P03 Brush Knee
S1 P04 Partinbg The Wild Horses Mane
S1 P05 Cloud Hands
S1 P06 Golden Cockerel Stands on One Leg
S1 P07 Kick Out
S1 P08 Grasping the Birds Tail
S1 P09 Single Whip
S1 P10 Cross Hands
S1 P11 Closeing Form