This is a short easy form often used as an introduction to weapons forms for beginners. It has a good flow and uses fairly basic fan opening techniques, enabling participants to become familiar with the fan before moving on to more complex movements.

Number English
S1 P01 Commencement
S1 P02 Hold the Moon in Arms
S1 P03 Willow Waves in Breeze
S1 P04 Dust Against Wind
S1 P05 Waves upon Waves
S1 P06 Old Man Angling
S1 P07 Split in Horse Stance
S1 P08 Turn Round and Strike Tiger
S1 P09 Holy Dragon Turns Head
S1 P10 Open Fan with Legs Apart
S1 P11 Push the Boat Along with the Current
S1 P12 Pluck Fan at Both Sides
S1 P13 Hold the Fan in Horse Stance
S1 P14 The White Crane Spreads its Wings
S1 P15 Wind Scatters Lotus Leaves
S1 P16 Spring Returns to the Land
S1 P17 Cross Knees and Open the Fan
S1 P18 Close the Form