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Number English
S1 P01 Commencement
S1 P02 White Crane Spreads Wings
S1 P03 Hold The Moon In Arms
S1 P04 Paint A Dragon And Dot The Eye
S1 P05 A Peacock Flaunting Its Tail
S1 P06 Push The Boat Out Along The Current
S1 P07 A Jade Tree In The Wind
S1 P08 The Drunken Beauty
S1 P09 Open Window And Look At The Moon
S1 P10 Raise The Whip On Galloping Horse
S1 P11 Roc Spreads Wings
S1 P12 Hold Heaven And Earth
S1 P13 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
S1 P14 Shoot Eagles With Stretched Bow
S1 P15 Golden Cokerel Stands On One Leg
S1 P16 Su Qin Carries Sword On Back
S1 P17 Fair Lady Works At The Shuttles
S1 P18 The Unicorn Ploughs The Waves
S1 P19 The Goddess Flies To The Moon
S1 P20 The Heavenly Maids Scatter Blossoms
S1 P21 Bosom Pearl And Hold Jade
S1 P22 The Hibiscus Rising Out Of Water
S1 P23 All Rivers Flow To The Sea
S1 P24 Closure