The 24 Step Simplified Yang Style Taijiquan also known as the Beijing 24 Step Taijiquan, is one of the most popular Yang style Tai chi routine in the world. It was structured in 1956 by the late Grand Master Li Tian Ji, based on the traditional long Yang Style long form.

Number English
S1 P01 Opening stance
S1 P02 Part the horse mane (left & right)
S1 P03 White crane spreads it’s wings
S1 P04 Brush knee, twist steps
S1 P05 Strum the lute
S1 P06 Repulse the monkey (left & right)
S1 P07 Grasp the peacock’s tail (left)
S1 P08 Grasp the peacock’s tail (right)
S1 P09 Single whip
S1 P10 Waving hands like clouds
S1 P11 Single whip
S1 P12 High pat the horse
S1 P13 Right heel kick
S1 P14 Double punch to the Ears
S1 P15 Turn round and left heel kick
S1 P16 Creep down and golden cock stand on one leg (left)
S1 P17 Creep down and golden cock stand on one leg (right)
S1 P18 Fair lady works the shuttle (left & right)
S1 P19 Needle at the bottom of the sea
S1 P20 Fan through back
S1 P21 Turn round block, parry and punch
S1 P22 Apparent close up
S1 P23 Cross hand
S1 P24 Close stance