The Yang Style Single Sword form has 53 postures which can be classified into 13 diffrent actions. These actions are: Whip, Lead, Lift, Obstruct, Strike, Pierce, Dot, Burst, Stir, Press Down, Split, Intercept and Wash.

Number English
S1 P01 Starting Posture
S1 P02 Step Forward Together With Sword
S1 P03 Immortal Points the Way
S1 P04 Three Rings around the Moon
S1 P05 Great Star of the Literary God
S1 P06 Swallow Snatches Water
S1 P07 Left and Right, Block and Sweep Away
S1 P08 Small Star of the Literary God
S1 P09 Wasp Enters Cave
S1 P10 Alert Cat Catches Mouse
S1 P11 Dragonfly Dots Water
S1 P12 Swallow Enters Nest
S1 P13 Phoenix Spreads Both Wings
S1 P14 Left Whirlwind, Small Star of the Literary God
S1 P15 Right Whirlwind, Awaiting Fish Posture
S1 P16 Move Grass to Search for Snake
S1 P17 Embrace the Moon
S1 P18 Birds Return to the Forest
S1 P19 Black Dragon Wags Its Tail
S1 P20 Wind Rolls Lotus Leaf
S1 P21 Lion Shakes Its Head
S1 P22 Tiger Holds Its Head
S1 P23 Wild Horse Leaps Over The Mountain Stream
S1 P24 Turn Body, Rein In Horse
S1 P25 Step Up, The Compass
S1 P26 Facing The Wind, Brushing Off Dust
S1 P27 Going With The Current, Push The Boat
S1 P28 Shooting Star Overtakes The Moon
S1 P29 Celestial Horse Flies Over The Waterfall
S1 P30 Raise The Screen Posture
S1 P31 Left and Right, Cart Wheels Sword
S1 P32 Swallow Holds Mud In Its Beak
S1 P33 Great Peng Spreads Wing
S1 P34 Scoop The Moon From The Bottom Of The Sea
S1 P35 Embrace The Moon
S1 P36 Night Demon Explores The Sea
S1 P37 Rhinoceros Gazes At The Moon
S1 P38 Shoot The Wild Goose Posture
S1 P39 Green Dragon Stretches Out Its Claws
S1 P40 Phoenix Spreads Both Wings
S1 P41 Left and Right, Step Sideways and Block
S1 P42 Shoot The Wild Goose Posture
S1 P43 White Ape Offers Fruit
S1 P44 Left and Right, Falling Flowers
S1 P45 Jade Maiden Works The Shuttle
S1 P46 White Tiger Twitches Tail
S1 P47 Tiger Holds Its Head
S1 P48 Carp Leaps Over The Dragon’s Gate
S1 P49 Black Dragon Coils Around The Pillar
S1 P50 Immortal Points The Way
S1 P51 Wind Sweeps The Plum Blossoms
S1 P52 Holding The Tablet Posture
S1 P53 Hold The Sword, Return To Origin