Yang Simplified 20 Form

This form is based on traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. It is a form that is much shorter, retaines both its health and martial context while maintaining both the essence and holistic nature of the 108 longer form. It is also easier to learn and requires less space and time to carry out. It gives you both a foundation from which you can learn the Yang 108 Long Form and a complete form in its self to practice while doing so.

Note: To make the steps easier our instructor Dave Long has redefined the 20 postures into a more detailed 33 postures to better reflect the individual movements and give more detail.

Number English
S1 P01 Right Foot Apart Hands On The Side
S1 P02 Circle Both Hands From Right To Left
S1 P03 Shift Weight To Right Foot And Hold The Ball
S1 P04 Grasp The Birds Tail And Ward Off Left
S1 P05 Grasp The Birds Tail And Ward Off Right
S1 P06 Pull Down
S1 P07 Press
S1 P08 Push
S1 P09 Sit Back And Push To The Left
S1 P10 Sit Back And Push To The Right
S1 P11 Single Whip
S1 P12 High Pat On Horses
S1 P13 Fist Under Elbow
S1 P14 Back Stepping Monkey, Right
S1 P15 Back Stepping Monkey, Left
S1 P16 Back Stepping Monkey, Right
S1 P17 Diagonal Flying
S1 P18 Lift Hands
S1 P19 Step Forwards Pull Down
S1 P21 Elbow Strike
S1 P22 Ward Off Right
S1 P23 White Crane Spreads Wings Left
S1 P24 Brush Knee And Push Right
S1 P25 Parting The Horses Maine
S1 P26 Seperate To the Right And Kick
S1 P27 Seperate To The Left And Kick
S1 P28 Brush Knee And Push Right
S1 P29 Left Hand Form Fist Bring Down To The Left
S1 P30 Step Forward Parry And Punch
S1 P31 Apparent Close Up And Push
S1 P32 Cross Hands
S1 P33 Finish