Class Information

The next class to be taught by Ms. Phillipa McAuley at Wellness Centre is scheduled to take place on the 22nd of April 2024 at 11:00am and their after every Monday at that time.

Classes Suspended (2nd Apr '24): Until Septemember or further notice.

Yarm Wellness Centre

Centre Number

07732 395441


Has been doing Tai Chi since 1995 and has been a qualified instructor since 2006 and teaches Tai Chi for health benefits.

Classes cover: various types of Qi Gong, concentrating on the meridian benefits, including some shorter Qi Gong forms; Yang style long and short forms, Yang 18 Fan form; Chen 11.

Trained with: Master Jon Ding (Yang), Grand Master liming Yue (Chen), John Higginson (Chen man Ching) and most recently with Master Faye Yip for the Yang 24 common form.