Class Information

The next class to be taught by Ms. Marie Paulinus at The Parkmoore Hotel & Lesiure Club is scheduled to take place on the 29th of May 2024 at 6:00pm and their after every Wednesday at that time.

Pricing (21st Jun '22): Members Free, Non-Members £5 per session

636 Yarm Rd, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees TS16 0DH

Centre Number

01642 786815

Ms. Marie Paulinus

07724 583140

Email Address:

Marie is a third level instructor with the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre, Manchester.

Marie started Tai Chi in 1989. first, training in Yang style with John Ding and then Chen Style with Liming Yue.  She has been on several Tai Chi trips to China and recently trained at the Norwich Fei-Yan Chen Taiji & Qigong School with Julian Wilde.

Marie has also trained in Medical (Health) Qigong, Musti Yoga, Japanese Aikido, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Exercises.

Marie’s primary focus is to improve individual health, fitness and well-being through Tai Chi.