Yang Weapons Forms

Weapons forms are beautiful and fun to practice and will enhance your tai chi practice. Learning weapons forms will enhance your hand-forms and visa versa. Where open-hand forms concentrate on working within the body, the weapon forms allow you to push beyond the body and work without. Each weapon has a diffrent weight: light; medium or heavy, a diffrent form: blunt; edged; pointed; short or long or action: thrust, chop, block etc. Learning to balance these extra variables with the body is what is important. Its fair to say we don't walk around empty handed all the time. So learning to maintain our center and balance when carrying and using objects has got to be good practice on or off the battlefield.

Yang 53 Straight Sword Form

The Yang Style Single Sword form has 56 postures which can be classified into 13 diffrent actions. These actions are: Whip, Lead, Lift, Obstruct, Strike, Pierce, Dot, Burst, Stir, Press Down, Split, Intercept and Wash.

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Yang 13 Pole Form

The staff is the most common of weapons present in all cultures. It is usually the first of weapons to learn. The Yang Staff form is short and straight forward to follow, easy to pick up and fun to learn.

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Yang 18 Fan Form

This is a short easy form often used as an introduction to weapons forms for beginners. It has a good flow and uses fairly basic fan opening techniques, enabling participants to become familiar with the fan before moving on to more complex movements.

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Yang 24 Fan Form (Lily)

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